CAITLIN JOHNSTONE: “Julian Assange’s Scandalously Opaque and Plainly Rigged Show Trial”

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“The last two days of Julian Assange’s scandalously opaque and plainly rigged show trial have brought into focus the reality that the WikiLeaks founder’s plight is the exact inverse of what the mainstream partisan narratives assert in the nation that’s working to extradite him. Conversely, when you talk to those who espouse the common position of supporting both Donald Trump and Julian Assange, they are unable to wrap their head around the indisputable fact that their president is ultimately responsible for the campaign to extradite Assange and imprison him with a sentence of up to 175 years. They’ll claim falsely that this is an Obama-initiated operation. They’ll claim falsely that Trump, who could have issued Assange a full pardon at any time since he took office, is actually working to get Assange to America so he can pardon him. They’ll claim falsely that Assange, who’s been fighting US extradition tooth and…

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CAITLIN JOHNSTONE: “Humanity Is Making A Very Important Decision When It Comes To Julian Assange”

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“The facts are all in, and yes, it turns out the US government is certainly and undeniably working to exploit legal loopholes to imprison a journalist for exposing its war crimes. That is happening, and there is no justifying it. All the narrative manipulations that were used to get Assange to this point are impotent, irrelevant expenditures of energy compared to the fact that we now have undeniable evidence that the US government is working to set a precedent which will allow it to jail any journalist who exposes its misdeeds, and we can now force Assange’s smearers to confront this reality. ‘Should journalists be jailed for exposing US war crimes? Yes or no?’ That’s the debate now. Not Russia. Not Sweden. Not whether he followed proper bail protocol or washed his dishes at the embassy. That’s old stuff. That’s obsolete. That’s playing defense. Now we play offense: ‘Should journalists be jailed…

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DERRICK BROZE: “The Trump Administration is Trying to Kill Julian Assange”

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Derrick Broze breaks down the details of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing, including the fact that Donald Trump’s acting Director of National Intelligence reportedly stated that Trump directed the arrest of the Wikileaks founder.

~via The Conscious Resistance

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