ASCENSION AVATAR: “Channeling The Healing Light…” (Mega-Slow Motion)




ASCENSION AVATAR: “Pop! Goes The Matrix… (Slow-Motion)”

Repost ~ Originally posted May 11, 2016 ~ Recorded August 4, 2015

We all live holographic existences as multidimensional Light Beings… and I thought this would be the perfect follow-up to Lisa Renee’s “Splitting Behaviors”… haha : D



ASCENSION AVATAR: “Rocking With A Pillar Of Light… (Slow-Motion)”

Post-worthy items slowing down… shall we walk around the block again… with faster music? 🙂

Recorded August 4, 2015

ASCENSION AVATAR: “Dancing With A Pillar of Light…” (Slow-Motion)

Recorded August 4, 2015