‘MUST WATCH’!!! ~ Tulsi Gabbard: “Tulsi Gabbard Podcast .003 — Tulsi and Dave Navarro Speak Truth to Power”

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Election security, the DNC, baseless smears, and how Tulsi will change our foreign policy with Dave Navarro, alternative rock guitarist (Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers).

~via Tulsi Gabbard

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TULSI TAKES ON CORRUPT DNC! ~ Rick Scheck on “The Wonder Woman of American Politics”

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“By virtue of her getting several delegates on Super Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard qualified for the March 15th debate in Arizona under then existing party guidelines. That is, until the DNC did it again and changed the rules to manipulate the process. After outright collusion in 2016 to block Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination and changing the rules again prior to a recent debate that allowed Money Bags Bloomberg to participate, they have gone ahead and rigged the system again. But Gabbard will have none of it! True to her image as ‘the Wonder Woman of American Politics’ — Gabbard’s willingness to stand up for what she believes and interject her unique perspective into the discourse is a most welcome development by this critic of the sham process presented by the DNC. A quick glance at this tall, strong, beautiful lady makes it clear that she looks very much like that…

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STEPHEN LENDMAN: “Deep-State DNC Changes Rules To Disqualify Tulsi Gabbard From Upcoming Debates — After She Had Qualified”

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“They want control of the official narrative, alternative views suppressed, the hallmark of totalitarian rule. They want her denied a platform on national television to oppose endless US wars against invented enemies both right wings of the one-party state want waged endlessly. They want support expressed for universal healthcare and other social justice programs, opposed by wealth and power interests, silenced. It’s official. On Friday, DNC rules were changed again to block Gabbard’s participation in the upcoming Arizona debate — the bar raised above her qualifying threshold. The new standard eliminates women, people of color, non-Judeo-Christians, and anyone under age-70. It also mocks democracy the way it’s supposed to be. In the US, there’s none at all, just the illusion of a free, fair and open process that doesn’t exist and never did from inception.”

~Stephen Lendman

Undemocratic Dems in cahoots with US wealth and power interests want Gabbard shut…

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TULSI GABBARD’S ‘SILENT WAR’ ~ Caitlin Johnstone on the DNC “Tulsi 2020 Blackout Campaign”

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“The establishment narrative warfare against Gabbard’s campaign dwarfs anything we’ve seen against Sanders, and the loathing and dismissal they’ve been able to generate have severely hamstrung her run. It turns out that a presidential candidate can get away with talking about economic justice and plutocracy when it comes to domestic policy, and some light dissent on matters of foreign policy will be tolerated, but aggressively attacking the heart of the actual bipartisan foreign policy consensus will get you shut down, smeared and shunned like nothing else. This is partly because US presidents have a lot more authority over foreign affairs than domestic, and it’s also because endless war is the glue which holds the empire together. All this means is that the machine is exposing its mechanics to the view of the mainstream public. Both the Gabbard campaign and the Sanders campaign have been useful primarily in this way; not because…

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STEPHEN LENDMAN: “Trump and Erdogan Regimes: Partners Against Syrian Sovereignty”

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Trump and wannabe sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan are warlords hostile to peace, stability, and the rule of law.

Neither can be trusted, both figures mortal enemies of what just societies hold dear.

On Saturday, a statement by Russia’s Foreign Ministry defied reality in Syria, saying:

Moscow and Ankara “confirmed their determination to ease tensions ‘on the ground’ in the process of continuing (to fight) terrorists, designated as such by the UN Security Council, as well as to defend the civilian population both within and outside the (Idlib) deescalation zone and provide urgent humanitarian assistance to all who need it.”

Using jihadists as proxy troops, Turkish aggression in Syria continues.

AMN News reported that a “large Turkish convoy entered Syria(’s) (Idlib province) on Saturday” — including troops, tanks, armored vehicles, and other military equipment.

On the same day, Russian warplanes launched heavy strikes on US/Turkish supported jihadists that are combatting Syrian…

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