‘MUST WATCH’! Ryan Cristian: “Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force Clearly Has Just One Job — To Control The Propaganda Narrative”

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Ryan Cristian (The Last American Vagabond) breaks down the awkward propaganda-narrative script from Trump’s “Chinese Virus” Task Force…

~via The Last American Vagabond

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DAVID ICKE: “This World Is Controlled By A Cult” (Part 2): “They Tell People What They Want To Believe” — David Icke Predicts What’s To Come

DAVID ICKE: “This World Is Controlled by a Cult: How the Secret Government Planned the Coronavirus”

DAVID ICKE: “Sabbatian Sabotage”

Ascension Avatar

Ascension Avatar note: Thisis basically about the same Satanic supremacist cult that Trump, Kushner, Putin, Netanyahu, many in the Chinese government and other world leaders belong to… it’s the U.S. Government “Deep State”, literally… and the NAA Anti-Christ Kabbalist movement Lisa Renee has been telling us about for years… perhaps a little more often lately for obvious reasons… It’s wake-up time now for sleepyheads…

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DAVID ICKE: “Israel And Mass Censorship”