LISA RENEE: “Intuitive Empath”

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“Empaths are most likely to have had varying paranormal and spiritual experiences throughout their lives. NDE’s (Near death experiences), or OBE’s (Out of body experiences) can catapult an unaware empath into the Awakening period and provide the momentum for the spiritual journey of inner discovery. They may not be grounded and are so open and so heart centered, this leaves their aura unprotected and their etheric body gets way outside of the physical body, when it actually should be closer in and symmetrical. The more out of energetic balance a person is, and if they are not fully centered in their auric field, their etheric body starts to become interfered with by dark or negative energies.”

~Lisa Renee

An Intuitive Empath is a person that has natural inclinations towards heightened emotional sensitivity and Empathy. Most of the Starseed community are naturally developed Intuitive Empaths, as most incarnated with their full…

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LISA RENEE: “Dreamwalking”

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“Dreamwalking is an altered state of heightened consciousness while in the pure observer state, it can occur while in another timeline, reality or exist outside of time. While in this altered state, we can bring that which was unconscious into our conscious awareness, so we can directly participate with that content while in our higher consciousness. The path of awakening is to bring that which is unconscious into consciousness, in order to heal the darkness or reveal the deception in order to see the greater truth. This is the state of bringing the eternal light to illuminate the shadows of darkness, thereby alchemically transforming its nature to reflect the higher truth, as the light shines upon it.”

~Lisa Renee

Ascending humans are evolving into developing new abilities that change the characteristics of what it means to be human, from Dreamwalking, to Transfiguration, Translocation and Transmigration. These are revealing more of…

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LISA RENEE (Time Shift Blog): “Planetary Gridworker”

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“Most Planetary Gridworkers that are active now on the earth have come from the future time cycle from other Star systems, universes, planets and even from the future earth, in order to help the lowest density fields of the earth and humanity undergo Ascension and/or liberation from the NAA. As a result of the Starseed mission, many Star people are more aggressively targeted with psychotronic mind control, psychic attacks or dark interference from human or non human sources, in order to prevent that person from awakening and realizing their specific mission. Our service mission with the earth is generally co-created in pre-birth agreements that are written into our Lightbody via the core manifestation body template or 12 Tree Grid.”

~Lisa Renee

What an intense week it has been leading up to the lunar eclipse event. I’m hoping that sharing more about what defines a gridworker is supportive to help connect…

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LISA RENEE: “New Earth Elemental Command”

The New Earth Elemental Command (NEEC) is hosted by the Aurora Body, and the Aurora Races along with the New Earth Elemental Command are here to work with the re-encryptions and corrections in removing the distortions that were a part of the original elemental form that comprises the planetary body and therefore our body. The New Earth Elemental Command are working to rehabilitate these new encryptions into the non-distorted patterns to recode the Morphogenetic Field of the core manifested body, the 12 Tree Grid on planet and in humanity.

New Earth Elemental Command Wind Sylphs

These beings are humongous, they are the size of Jupiter, they are beyond big. When you work with them you can connect them into the Wind Sylphs here. Many times you can spin portals that open 5th dimensional blueprints between the elemental level at this level of the system and the new earth elemental command.

In Relation to Chemtrails:

Working with the Wind Sylphs, call in the New Earth Elemental Command and the Aurora Races to clear and move out any chemical toxins from Chemtrails in the sky and from the wind Sylphs down here at this level.

You can also call on the NEEC & Aurora Races to work with all Elementals at the 3D level for rehabilitation and re-encryption by using the 12D vortex/portal command on your property/home/land and dome anywhere you have an agreement with the land. You have the right to establish a 12D portal and vortex exchange on the entire perimeter of your residence or land. (Use your personal discernment and ask permission if called to do this outside your space.)

You have every right to open a 12D portal of protection on your land and dome the entire area in protection and call in the Elementals and Sylphs to connect into the new earth 12 Tree Grid blueprint structures so they can heal themselves by accessing their divine blueprint that is free of distortion.

Photo by Ascension Avatar – 6-30-2014