LISA RENEE: “Genetic Engineering” (Audio Version)

LISA RENEE (Time Shift Blog): “Maintaining Calm in the Storm”

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“Whether here, whether there it doesn’t matter, our job is the same, our mission is the same. We will not be trapped by the negatives. They will attempt to fracture or fragment and harm people on the external methods, that’s what they do. But the issue is – please don’t fear death and let those fears control you. With the current pandemic agenda in play right now, where is the fear coming from? For many, it is stemming from the fear of death. We don’t need to fear this. We need to use our critical thinking caps. We need to have some common sense. We need to work or spiritual tools. But we do not need to fear this. Why is the mind control so effective in so many of the people around us? To the point where we’re living in the theater of the absurd. We can barely believe…

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DERRICK BROZE: “It’s Time To Reject ‘The New Normal'”

A NEW ‘COLLUSION’ THEORY ~ Brabantian: “Is the Coronavirus a Chinese-Chabad Co-Production?”

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“There are 13 ‘Chabad Houses’ in China. Could the real story be secret US-China collusion? After all, there is a ‘Chabad hotline’ between Beijing China Chabad, and the Washington DC Chabad attended by President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner (Trump is a self-acknowledged student of Cabala i.e. Satanism, genocide of goyim). As to ‘who’ launched this bio-weapon, you can take your pick amidst the ‘sides’ in global politics.”


The COVID-19 Coronavirus plague underway — hinting at a repeat of the 1918-20 ‘Spanish flu’ which killed between 1%-5% of the world population — is arguably a bio-weapon, perhaps designed to lower life expectancy in Western countries to not much more than the retirement age.

This is possibly one of the major goals of ‘Project COVID-19’, along with setting the stage for more draconian political controls, and accelerating the implementation of a New World Order.

There are 13 ‘Chabad Houses’ in China. Could the…

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