THE LOSING ‘RACE TO 5G’ IS ON! ~ Derrick Broze: “How Big Wireless Lobbied Governments to Build 5G For Citizen Data Collection and Surveillance”

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“In April 2019, President Donald Trump held a press conference where he stated his intention to expand the U.S. wireless infrastructure as part of the effort to defeat China in the so-called ‘Race to 5G’. During the press conference Trump stood next to the head of the Federal Communications Commission and telecommunication employees as he declared, ‘The race to 5G is on and we must win.’ While Trump is certain that America must win this apparent race — even during the middle of a pandemic —determining exactly who is the driving force behind the push towards the 5th generation of cellular technology requires digging through decades of lawsuits, industry corruption, and captured agencies.”

~Derrick Broze

While the debate continues around 5G’s potential impact on human health, the environment and wildlife, often overlooked in the discussion about 5G is how the technology will be used for data collection and surveillance. Big Wireless…

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This is a disturbing video… the music nearly drowns out everything else, yet still worth viewing.

~via The Last American Vagabond

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