‘MUST WATCH’! Ryan Cristian: “Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force Clearly Has Just One Job — To Control The Propaganda Narrative”

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Ryan Cristian (The Last American Vagabond) breaks down the awkward propaganda-narrative script from Trump’s “Chinese Virus” Task Force…

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A NEW ‘COLLUSION’ THEORY ~ Brabantian: “Is the Coronavirus a Chinese-Chabad Co-Production?”

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“There are 13 ‘Chabad Houses’ in China. Could the real story be secret US-China collusion? After all, there is a ‘Chabad hotline’ between Beijing China Chabad, and the Washington DC Chabad attended by President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner (Trump is a self-acknowledged student of Cabala i.e. Satanism, genocide of goyim). As to ‘who’ launched this bio-weapon, you can take your pick amidst the ‘sides’ in global politics.”


The COVID-19 Coronavirus plague underway — hinting at a repeat of the 1918-20 ‘Spanish flu’ which killed between 1%-5% of the world population — is arguably a bio-weapon, perhaps designed to lower life expectancy in Western countries to not much more than the retirement age.

This is possibly one of the major goals of ‘Project COVID-19’, along with setting the stage for more draconian political controls, and accelerating the implementation of a New World Order.

There are 13 ‘Chabad Houses’ in China. Could the…

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‘EPSTEIN-BIZARRE’ UPDATE ~ “Government Claims Prison Cell Footage Does Not Exist”

‘EPSTEIN-BIZARRE’ UPDATE ~ Forensic Pathologist Trashes Epstein’s ‘Death By Suicide’ Ruling — Ligature Marks Show ‘Death By ‘Homocide'”

‘EPSTEIN-BIZARRE’ TWIST ~ “‘Destroyed’ Surveillance Footage of First Epstein ‘Suicide Attempt’ Suddenly ‘Found’. Ugh?”