TRUST THE AI-PREDICTIVE PLAN? ~ Whitney Webb: “CIA’s ‘In-Q-Tel’ Funded Pentagon-Google Partnership Shows AI Will Soon Be Used to Diagnose COVID-19”

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“Google recently teamed up with the Pentagon as part of the new, AI-driven ‘Predictive Health’ program. Google and the military have apparent plans to expand the AI model for automating and predicting COVID-19 diagnoses. For this reason, the NSCAI unites the US intelligence community and the military, which is already collaborating on AI initiatives via the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center and Silicon Valley companies. Thus, while the line between Silicon Valley and the US national-security state has always been murky, now that line is essentially nonexistent as entities like the NSCAI, DIB, and DIU, among several others, clearly show. It is also important to point out the considerable overlap between the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Board and the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. The NSCAI is chaired by Eric Schmidt (also on the DIB) and includes representatives from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon as well as the current and former…

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JULIAN ROSE: “Come On, People. It’s Time. Freedom or Fascism?”

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Here we are. No more speculation about ‘what awaits around the corner’; the jail keepers are escorting us down the concrete corridor and the cell keys are hanging from his belt. Each one of us, in turn, convicted — without notice and without trial — of being Human and electing to express ourselves accordingly. That is the new definition of ‘terrorist’.

The battle lines are drawn; there is no other way to honestly state it, we are in the fight of — and for — our lives. We go forward, with the courage and conviction which comes with refusing to be derailed from the path of truth. Or, capitulate to the central control system and fall into a very dark pit from which there is no charted escape.

We shall know each other by the calibre of our actions. We do not have to wear a badge announcing ‘the resistance’. The army that we…

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ADAM GREEN: “Trump Literally Gives Netanyahu The ‘Key To The White House'”

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Comments from the thread:

“Trump officially gave America and We the People over to Israel (Chabad, to put it clearly). Let this sink in folks….”

“I have been saying for the last year ‘Trump has handed the keys of the nation over to Israel’.”

“Apparently, Netanyahu said, ‘That’s OK, I’ve got my own set’.”

“The real question is when did Trump borrow the key from Netanyahu?”

“Why is everyone in the US fighting over who’s going to be our next president?? Netanyahu is our president already!! Duh..!”

Trump: “we’re signing on with every country that had a hand in 9/11 it’s fantastic” 🙄

“This is so funny 😂😂. The 2 biggest war criminals want ‘peace’. GTFO 😂”

“What an evil con-man, talking about America first… It seems like Americans are under some kind of mind control, there’s no other way to describe this situation. USA and Israel have no mutual connections…

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“The Khazarian Mafia is pulling out all the stops to destroy the Constitutional Republic of the United States as violence and arson cause further descent into chaos, NSA, MI6, and Pentagon sources agree. In the past 50 years we have wiped out numerous wildlife, and yet Trump and his backers have failed to offer even a basic solution or approach to this problem. Trump the builder commented right after 9/11 that bombs must have been used to bring down the towers so he knows the score, but failed to mention Israel’s involvement in 9/11 or, as a matter of fact, any truth about 9/11 whatsoever so we must ask ourselves… Why? We are now in the looting and burning home stretch so don’t expect mass arrests of Democratic politicians like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and company. One source even believes Biden is being set up to be such a loser…

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ADAM GREEN: “The Abraham Accord”

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“There you have it, Trump fulfilling his mandate in making Israel great at the expense of America.”

~Comment from the thread

“From the Guardian perspective, the Abraham Blood Covenant in organized religion is Moloch programming, that is designed to feed the Moloch battery tanks on the Astral Plane. As an example, a Blood Covenant is made with the anti-Christ forces in the name of Yahweh, who is a False alien God, and to which this transfers the soul binding rites to the Moloch tank during the genital mutilation or circumcision. The blood spilled and foreskin taken from the baby’s penis marks a claim on the Soul to be bound to serve the Moloch entity, which is further being organized and directed to the Yahweh collective, an Annunaki faction of the NAA, that pose as False Gods to lure humanity into servitude bindings in the afterlife.”

~Lisa Renee, Abraham Blood Covenant…

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