LISA RENEE (Energetic Synthesis): “Gender Confusion”



“If we do not know about the true androgynous nature of our spiritual consciousness, and that we exist as both genders no matter what body we have incarnated into, our fears block us from having that potential healing experience. If we remain open to receive anything that is in alignment to our highest expression with God Source, we are allowing unimaginable ways that our spirit may manifest blessings into our reality.”   ~Lisa Renee


From the Guardian perspective, Spiritual Ascension encompasses the higher knowledge that unites science with spiritual consciousness, providing a holographic and multidimensional model of reality. The process of Ascension inherently describes the quantum mechanics of how our consciousness that makes up spirit and matter, travel together throughout time and space, simultaneously, evolving and transforming the individual and group consciousness of a species. At certain levels of accessing higher frequencies that are transmitted in conjunction within a specific location that exists in the spiral of time, during these stellar transmissions, certain species have access to higher blueprints that create new energy templates for catalyzing new potentials, new creations, for that species.  Our planet has reached that axis in time where the gender principle of creation, as it manifests into this world is being tested for its energetic integrity, for soundness and stability, on every level that it exists. As we begin a new time cycle, there are new Krystal Star hosted energy blueprints being transmitted as an significant change to help further the evolution of the human species. To stimulate consciousness growth patterns, these transmissions start to redefine the gender centers as they have functioned inside of our lightbody. Human beings are intrinsically both genders, we are an androgynous species that exists with a male energetic principle and a female energetic principle, both of these pairs of energetic opposite are that which co-exist and function inside of us. If we ignore or reject one part of ourselves, if we hold unresolved emotional conflicts about one gender or the other, we can digress our consciousness into experiencing levels of suffering that lead to spiritual disconnection, pain and disease. When we are confused about our real identity, and we are split between the male and female energies that exist inside of us, we experience pain, confusion and disconnection. The most common confusion that exists on the earth today is gender confusion, that is propagated by gender role mind control programming that informs humans to accept belief systems that define how our gender parts function. The mind control that humans have endured to reject either the inner male or inner female, is the causality behind the emotionally painful seeds that have directly impacted all of our relationships and sexuality, as this is the area for growth that holds the most potent seeds for our spiritual healing and expanding consciousness.  To expand our consciousness, we must learn how to become in balance with our own inner gender energies, recognizing that we are both male and female simultaneously, and seeing these aspects when they come into play within our personal identity. When we study ourselves on the spiritual path, we can see these aspects of our consciousness that function within the male principle or female principle, and observe this as consciousness energy that impacts all of our bodies. Our physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual bodies are inherently connected to the energetic positions of the gender centers that operate in our lightbody. These gender positions act as programs for our consciousness expression.  On the path of awakening, we will come to the phase where we must address gender imbalances by seeing how these imbalances are being reflected back to us from the material world. Generally,  this reflection will be sourced from relationships we have with other people that can mirror these aspects back to us.  As we gain more clarity in the self-reflection and mirror reflection process, the gender aspects that operate as energies inside of us become more clarified, and thus, they start to unify to work together, naturally. The principles of gender or pairs of opposite are Universal Laws, so when we obey the natural laws, we gain more symmetry and balance with our inner and outer gender reflections.

During the awakening process, we want to be aware of these interactions by consciously participating with these gender parts, so that we can bring these aspects into energetic balance which manifests as inner coherence. As the pairs of opposite exist in the microcosm of our personal identity, the same gender centers and gender positions have a macrocosmic function that impact the planetary body and collective consciousness.  Many of us awakening are aware that we are existing in the dark age of patriarchal domination, of which manifested as the total rejection of the female or mother principle in the collective human consciousness, and as a result, all of humanity became deeply hurt and traumatized from the loss of their true mother principle. Without the mother principle, the planet fell into patriarchal control from the promoted belief systems of the NAA [Negative Alien Agenda], who use the Archontic Deception Strategies to reinforce that internal gender schism and feed the imbalances in the human belief system. This furthers the core pain of the gender split that disconnects humanity from their true spiritual selves. We cannot join harmoniously with our soul until we seek out our true mother and inner female to be revealed to us. We must experience her. As we wish to heal our soul, we are healing our inner female and mother principle, that has been disconnected from the immense pain humanity felt with her absence. We must heal our mother in order to get to be with our real father, this is an esoteric truth in finding the energetic balance between the male and female principles that exist within ourselves. There is no ability to know the true father, without unconditionally loving the mother and embracing the female principle inside of us. As we leave the dark age of patriarchal domination, ruled by the False King of Tyranny and the Alien version of the Dark Mother, we must start with opening our heart to find out who and what our real mother is, and then surrender to her. We surrender to our Mother when we surrender our heart to be fully open, vulnerable and dedicated to the full governance of our highest spiritual self. Then, through our Mother, and our growing love for her, she leads us to find our true Father, thus, the False King of Tyranny and the Dark Mother are vanquished from having control over our body and consciousness. Once we know the true Mother and Father, we know who the Imposters are, and we refuse their influences upon our spiritual consciousness.

The macrocosmic principles of the Gender Laws, the Pairs of Opposite, are gradually shifting in the planetary architecture, and this shifts the energetic positions of the gender centers in the instruction sets of the gridwork on the planet. Essentially, this is a planetary body merkaba shift between the counter rotating spirals of the masculine and feminine energies that shift and transform how these gender principles interact with each other. What this means is that everything having to do with the masculine and feminine principles of energy operating on this planet, are undergoing some kind of alchemical transformation at the blueprint and consciousness level. This brings to the surface of our awareness gender imbalances and we will be forced to observe and see the places in our life where we are out of balance with our gender principles. We will go back to the past to see the causal reasons of gender imbalances, to know why we made this choice that created the effects that we have in our life today. Maybe we have chosen intimate partners that are a mirror reflection of one of our parents, in so to complete emotional conflicts we had as children. When we can see these influences, it allows us the opportunity to find emotional clarity and responsibility with the choices that we have made, and to make the needed alterations to change those effects that have manifested as imbalances in our life and in our current relationships. It also allows us to see these gender imbalances more clearly in our family, in society or how it is being reflected to us by other people. When we can see these gender imbalances clearly operating around us or inside of us, this is the first step to clearing those distortions and destructive patterns.

If we do not know about the true androgynous nature of our spiritual consciousness, and that we exist as both genders no matter what body we have incarnated into, our fears block us from having that potential healing experience. If we remain open to receive anything that is in alignment to our highest expression with God Source, we are allowing unimaginable ways that our spirit may manifest blessings into our reality.

Clarifying Gender Issues

Now that this is becoming available in the planetary consciousness field, it has direct impacts to transform the embodiments of the masculine and feminine energies and the roles and belief systems that men and women have. Primarily, this will be a time of which all gender issues will be brought to the surface in order to be explored, discovered and redefined,  to energetically transform into a deeper clarity of truth for each individual. Each person has to have this experience directly, where they are faced with dealing with emotional conflicts of which have stunted their growth, and to reconcile these gender aspects. People are asking themselves the questions, in order to reflect upon the meaning of being a man or women on this earth. What does it mean to you? What does it feel like when you take out social expectations and family obligations? Can you unconditionally love and accept yourself as you are now, without those obligations and social layers defining gender? This shift will greatly impact all intimate relationships, with a focus on partnerships, marriages, and other unions. On this journey of deep discovery for humankind, learning how to become energetically balanced males and females, we stand at an evolutionary precipice which will bring to the surface all hidden thoughts and behaviors. We must look at our history, our social memes and values to fully recognize what has happened to distort our culture as a race of men and women, that split us apart rather than unifying us. As we regain the sense of what it means to live in true compassion within a humane society, united in equal value for both men and women, we will be pushed to look at what has happened that is the good, the bad and the ugly. We cannot continue to live in denial to any self-deception where we continue to create pain and hurt in ourselves and in others, because we refuse to look at both genders that exist inside of ourselves and consider them as in equal value, as the divine emanation made manifest from the God Source.

As humanity biologically evolves throughout the Spiritual Ascension process, there is the alchemical process of synthesizing the pairs of opposing forces that exist within the gender centers within the auric (spiritual-energetic) bodies. As we come into exposure with these frequencies they activate our spiritual progress, and we will naturally attract experiences, such as other people and circumstances that are designed to help us further spiritually develop and emotionally grow. Most of these types of spiritually based experiences or relationships will push to the surface these types of energetic imbalances, such as fears or unresolved pain that exist in the mental and emotional body, and are projected in relationships. We can see projections in the behaviors that people have and how they treat their partners, friends or loved ones. This is the only way we can become aware of our inner imbalances, by reflecting on our own thoughts,  behaviors, and actions in our relationships with others, especially when we are facing gender principle imbalances. These issues must surface in our awareness so that we can recognize them in order to take responsibility for them. In making new choices, we can regain the inner gender unification which creates energetic balance and this state of consciousness is closely aligned to our true core essence. If we do not understand the context of our experience or relationship as a purposed evolutionary journey, we can become stuck on obsolete co-dependent patterns and mired in looping painful issues. The experiences that surface energetic imbalances is designed by the higher spiritual intelligence and not by our ego preferences. This means there are times we have to face unpleasant truths and our deepest fears and emotionally painful issues. Until the ego programs are neutralized from exercising day to day behaviors that are used to continually split the gender principles that exist within, the person’s ascension pathway will be littered with suffering through mental confusion and dark manipulation. This is why having a basic Ascension context, coupled with negative ego clearing and focus on unifying the gender principles that exist inside ourselves, is highly suggested in order to experience the easiest and most harmonious progress through one’s spiritual ascension. This awareness is important to apply in all relationship settings, by building context that the person appearing in your life right now, is there for a reason and higher purpose of which you can dedicate for your spiritual growth to learn the lessons being presented to you.  In this cycle, we are being pushed to be emotionally and spiritually clear of the current personal relationship design, as we focus on the purpose of our relationships, we can be given the clarity we need that leads us to make the required changes to further our spiritual development. Every person is ultimately designed to accomplish this with their expanding consciousness, and is fully capable to achieve this return to energetic balance in order to experience divine connection with all things. At this time, the inner and outer experiences of achieving energetic balance, will be supported by those who seek it with much greater ease on the planet, due to the Mother and Father principles transforming to come into unification within themselves.





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LISA RENEE (Energetic Synthesis): “Reality Bubbles”

Reality Bubbles.png

Those of us that have chosen the Ascension pathway may have recently felt the inner urgency of change, along with the emotional waves of grief and sadness as we move into a new reality bubble. There are consequences occurring from the change in cause and effect, as the result of the recent shifts taking place that move humanity into the next phase of consciousness evolution. This current bifurcation is a choice point made in the collective consciousness field that is a change of group consensus agreement, in a sense we can be freed of the tethers that had connected us into the collective consciousness programs of the human race, by virtue of making a personal spiritual-energetic alignment and commitment to serve our highest expression. This choice point represents the future direction that we are taking and moving towards as our Consciousness Corridor, the place our consciousness will travel to after we have completed this time cycle, which is an exit point made in the future timeline.

As the collective forces combine into extreme polarities that interact with the forces of chaos on the earth and create certain conditions, this can either radically expand our consciousness or radically digress our consciousness. Digression is defined without judging one’s personal choices, yet noting the consequences of continually choosing negative causes and spiritually abusive behavior, leads to the complete elimination of the potential expansion in our spiritual consciousness. When the quality of the Lightbody severely degrades along with the quality of consciousness operating our body, the lightbody eventually decays and collapses upon itself, with the lack of love and a lack of care. Like a house that becomes filled with termites over time, from the lack of maintenance, attention and loving care, the house starts to rot from the inside and the structure meets inevitable decay and finally, collapse.

Thus, as this transformation occurs that is dismantling old structures, and also building the foundation for new structures in the macrocosm, we will observe these patterns in the collective consciousness condensing their mental beliefs which form into a variety of exclusive group consciousness reality bubbles. These many reality bubbles can be formed upon group consensus, such as based upon philosophies of religion, government, nations, science, medical, cultural and business. Anything that shapes the groups internal motivation into externalized belief systems that is being generated as frequencies into the masses, can form into reality bubbles. Generally, it is the collective belief systems which slant the group’s overall perception into shared reality bubbles that may use forms of self-justification, like confirmation bias, to rally a cause or continue to enforce certain belief systems that the group is comfortable with. In the Ascension and spiritual communities, this is an area to be hyper vigilant to avoid generating negative ego confirmation bias, which suppresses creative expression and open and safe shared communications between people, based on mutual respect.  Gaslighting tactics with the intent to create the collective consensus towards confirmation biases, is the way the NAA [Negative Alien Agenda] spins the mass media in order to influence belief systems in the public, so that they can be controlled to generate more chaos and mass hysteria. The negative ego confirmation bias that exists within the group reality bubbles are quick to say what is right and what is wrong, and to claim themselves as the expert in such matters, or that they have the rightful authority to govern policy over others. These extremely rigid beliefs can easily erupt into destructive power conflicts, volcanic types of emotional fury which fuel all of the Houses of Ego, to which generates never-ending circular debates. Forgiveness, acceptance and compassionate understanding of how others feel and listening to their experiences and knowledge, are key themes of creating win-win scenarios based on mutual respect. Through the Ascending or Descending reality bubbles, all of these combined polarities that exist as extremes in a group, must coalesce into a field of group consciousness energies, which further condense into a measurable and narrower broadband of fundamental group frequency. Either the group consciousness reality bubble resonates with higher heart based motivations and beliefs of unconditional love, peace and unity, or project the negative ego thought-forms of hatred, war and separation used to maintain total control over others.

These many groups of people upon the earth, are being directed into another consciousness pathway stream or shifting into the future timeline that is based upon their personal consciousness level as it interacts with the collective frequency fields. The bifurcation is the framework for the reality bubbles being created to route group consciousness into a variety of Consciousness Corridors, that indicates the future direction of the individual auric field and where its matched group consciousness frequency body, will evolve in the next time cycle. The group consciousness of humanity is coalescing into larger frequency hubs which act as reality bubbles for synchronizing belief systems, which further synchronize those group energies into holographic frequency containers that exist in the larger earth body.

What is very important to understand is that the violent human groups, such as terrorist groups, are working within a very small range of low fundamental frequency. The violent groups of people, are attuned to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakra spectrum of frequency or in the predator Negative Ego mind control influence that is directed through the artificial intelligence used by the Controller groups. One must attune their consciousness awareness and frequency transmission to a higher frequency than the frequencies of the Negative Ego. Meditation and the focus upon one’s higher heart and spirit, is the higher frequency that protects, supports and informs us as to where we need to pay attention now. When we focus our attention to be placed on the inner spirit, spiritual consciousness, meditation, inner stillness and 12D shielding, this action will protect our consciousness and body in ways that we do not yet comprehend. There is nothing on the earth that is safer and more protected than being in one’s own 12D shield frequency field and source activated Lightbody.

The collective reality bubbles provide the framework of the many different belief systems to which these human and nonhuman groups will learn to rehabilitate their thought-forms without artificial mind control, while being educated about the higher principles of service, which adhere to the Universal Laws, and form the evolutionary format for learning in the next lifetime or incarnation. While on the earth plane, many of these people will amplify their negative ego belief systems into fanaticism from their own inner mental confusion and they will start to leave this earth through the death crisis made in the physical body. Over the next few years the tragic nature of death as it occurs to the human body, may be very hard to observe in the masses, as this is a rough time for many confused people on the earth that will exit. However, there are levels of low frequency consciousness, such as extreme violence, that cannot stay upon the earth body now, and these violent groups must begin the route for transit off the earth body. Once they pass their body, they will take this same belief system with them (i.e. religion, science, violence) into their next life, and their reality bubble will be a holographic mirror to their matched group consciousness frequency.

Essentially, the current phase of the bifurcation in time is sorting the group consciousness that exists on the earth between the frequency band levels of; the Negative Ego with predator polarities or the Vandal groups in the refugee races, Human Ego thought-forms that are polarized in Service to Self, the Soul in the astral plane that has an open heart and is willing to learn about Service to Others, and the Monadic plane and higher consciousness groups which serve consciousness evolution towards the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One.

The result of collecting mass streams of vibrational data throughout the Universal timelines of holographic record, is designed to section and re-route the collective consciousness streams on the earth that have been accumulating to form many different group reality bubbles, frequency hubs and future timelines. Thus, there has been a gathering period of massive amounts of holographic data recorded in the collective consciousness field of the earth since 2012, in order to feed back into the Transtime continuum, of which positive future timelines exist for humanity. Many of us have been doing this data collection for the purpose of providing the framework for the ascending consciousness pathways for the future timelines, during the sleep state. The bifurcation amplifies the polarities of positive and negative forces considerably, and the result of the amplification is measured into ranges of average weighted frequencies. This frequency measurement in the quantum field is what directs the earthly kingdom and all of her inhabitants towards the frequency space-time, the dimensional law, that is most aligned for that individual to continue their personal evolution and spiritual development while existing as a part of its overall group consciousness frequency.






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PAULA VANDERZON: “How To Stop Being Human”

Angelic human

When anchoring into the 5D matrix it is important to leave your humanness behind because it just weighs you down.  The higher dimensional being that you are is not human and when you anchor into the 5th dimensional matrix you are no longer human – not as you know a human to be anyway.  There are new character traits and ways of behavior and being.  So you need to wipe clean any trace of humanness as you know it, to make way for a New Human to emerge.  You don’t suddenly become an alien or start glowing, it is not about becoming something else completely, but it is about awakening the new you which has been trapped in the 3D matrix of human suffering and control.

The ego is a major part of being human.  It is about safety and you definitely don’t need safety in the 5th dimension.  There is no such thing as safety – what are you trying to be safe from?  This concept just doesn’t exist in 5th dimensional reality.

When you want to feel safe in 3D then you make up stories in your mind that help you feel safe.  These include stories about confrontations and arguments in your life where you convince yourself that others are to blame for your circumstances or events happening to you.  This is your reality but it also an ego trait.  Don’t focus on whose fault it is, just take ownership for the part you played and don’t try and blame anyone else.  If you messed up, so what, own this and then let go of being human.

In the 5th dimension you can’t mess anything up because there is nothing to ruin or get wrong.  Everything is happening perfectly.  As it does in the 3rd dimension but the humanness in you needs to put meaning and reasons, and good and bad, and right or wrong, on every event in order to feel safe and comfortable.  Which is why you need an ego to help you do this.

So the first step in anchoring to 5D is to let go of ego, take the fall, be responsible for all your choices and move on into a state of being where you can’t mess up and where you don’t need your ego to tell you it is everyone else’s fault in order to feel safe and loved.

Feeling or needing to be loved is something that also needs to go before anchoring into 5D.  When we feel loved we feel safe.  This is how we form our tribes to survive.  We rely on others for hunting, gathering and shelter as well as emotional support.  These are our families, friends and workmates in modern times.  If we feel loved and accepted by these people, then we feel safe.  Our egos then help us with behaviors that make us feel accepted in order to keep us safe.  This ego behavior comes at a sacrifice for our truth.  We don’t say or do what we truly believe or feel because it is more important to be accepted and loved than it is to be true.  If we stand up for ourselves then we might be ostracized.  If we stand up to our boss, we may lose our job and therefore money and our safety and security.  If we upset our family then we may be shunned and lose their love, again upsetting our safety and security.

Can you see how the ego does its job in keeping you safe and secure at the expense of being who you are.  This is what it means to let go of your humanness.  It is your humanness that is keeping you trapped in this 3D cycle.  When you no longer identify with these human-ego traits you can be a separate self-generating entity who does not rely on anything outside of you for your love, acceptance, approval, safety and security.  What you will find is that there are no fears anymore because there is no reason to be fearful, because you couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks of you anymore, because it does not impact on your safety or security!

In the 5th dimension, you are not relying on anyone else for your income, love, support, acceptance, safety and security, and you therefore survive by letting your soul guide you.

You have an inner feeling at the core of who you are which will guide you to your next meal, next vacation, new clothes, movie tickets whatever it is that you desire at that time.  If you need money to pay for these things, then an opportunity will come to you to provide you with this money.  When you stay in your heart space and only act from this place in truth and integrity to who you are, you start to attract what you need to support more of this.

While you are in transition (ego dying and soul leading) it can feel like you have no support and you just have to get used to this feeling and embrace it for awhile.  You may lose everything you own; your job, your friends and even family while in transition.  But you will find that you are still you.  You will find that the inner you becomes stronger and more resilient.  It has to.  There is no other option.

You have no ego anymore to tell you stories or convince you to do things that are outside of your truth in order to survive.

You learn how to be true to yourself and to only follow your heart’s calling.  This is what it means to lose your humanness.  You lose your ability to compromise on who you are for the trade-off of love, support and security.

You become your own self generating love machine.  You generate this love and support and security from within you, not needing anyone else in this world to give it to you or mirror it for you.  All you ever need is within you.  This is what it means to lose your humanness.

Once you have lost your humanness your life becomes peaceful because you are not worrying about where to get your next act of love from, or whether you have enough money in the bank to last until you die.

You constantly feel safe, secure and loved.  Imagine this?

Imagine feeling that there is infinite love, infinite money, infinite experiences just there whenever you need them.  This is all within you.  You line up with the universe and all is provided for you.  Rather than going through other humans to get these things, you get them directly from your inner universe.  The universe conspires in your favor and brings you everything you desire.  To be clear, this does not mean you get everything that an ego might desire.  Remember you have no ego in this space and so desires will look and feel differently.

If you are in 3D and are human, then you might imagine that this means bigger cars, luxury boats, power and control.  But in 5D these things don’t really matter, and so what you desire may be quite different from what a 3D human desires.  This does not mean you can’t have luxury if you desire it, but it may mean that you no longer desire these things at all.

This is what it means to lose your humanness – because what human would not desire luxury and money!!

In 5D, truth and integrity are more meaningful.  Being who you are is fulfilling and means more than money, status or power.   Your life is fueled by deep desire.  There is no intention setting or goals, or plans, just the flow of desire.  This is what it feels like to lose your humanness.

This is what it means to lose your humanness.

About the author:  Paula Vanderzon is a spiritual evolutionist, teacher and soul writer who lives in South Australia.  Follow her on Facebook





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TRISH LESAGE: “5th Dimension Consciousness”

5th Dimension Consciousness

We are living during a monumental time in which humanity is experiencing a shift to higher consciousness. We are shifting from 3rd dimension consciousness to 5th dimension consciousness. The following is what one may experience once they have reached 5th dimension consciousness and beyond:

When a person reaches 5th dimension consciousness, they may experience existing in a permanent state of peace, bliss, love, and joy. No effort is required on their part to remain in this state. This takes place naturally and automatically. All dissonant energy is automatically filtered out.

In addition to automatically existing in a permanent state of peace, bliss, love, and joy, people who have reached 5th dimension consciousness may begin to automatically see themselves in everyone whether it be humans or animals. They may also begin to automatically feel love for everyone.

Furthermore, no negative thoughts stream into the mind of a person who has reached 5th dimension consciousness. In fact, all negative thoughts are automatically filtered out of their mind.

The mind is also automatically quiet without the constant chatter that flows into the 3rd dimension mind. In fact, there are not very many thoughts that enter a mind that has reached 5th dimension consciousness unless the thoughts are necessary in moving them from one event or moment to the next event or moment.

When a person reaches 5th dimension consciousness, their perception of time may slow down considerably. Time on the clock of the wall may seem to pass by more quickly, but the mind does not perceive that very much time has passed. This may be compared to what is said happens when a person experiences physical death. During physical death, a person transitions from 3rd dimension consciousness to 4th dimension consciousness. It is said that while years may pass on the Earth, it may seem like only minutes have passed in the spirit world. Our perception of time slows down as we transition from 3rd dimension consciousness to 4th dimension consciousness during physical death. This is why it may seem that not much time has passed in the spirit world while a lot of time has passed on the Earth.

Those who have ever had a close brush with death as a result of an accident or nearly being in an accident, may have noticed, that their mind starts moving more slowly in these situations also. Everything appears to happen in slow motion. The soul is getting ready to transition from 3rd dimension consciousness to 4th dimension consciousness in these situations so that the person may exit through the portal of death. Hence, their perception of time slows down. Sometimes a change to the divine plan for the person’s life is made, however, and they miraculously barely escape from harm often at the last second.

One may also notice that if they use Self-Hypnosis or meditation, it may also seem as though not much time has passed, but according to the clock on the wall, a lot of time may have passed. Again, in these cases, the mind is transitioning beyond the 3rd dimension.

The same phenomenon happens while we are physically alive in a 3rd dimension body on the 3rd dimension Earth, and our energy vibration increases, and we ascend to 5th dimension consciousness. Our perception of time slows down.

When a person reaches 5th dimension consciousness, they only live in the present moment with no reference to the past. They can access past memories if they need to, however, a person who has reached 5th dimension consciousness does not dwell in the past. Their mind is automatically focused on the present moment with no effort required on their part at all whatsoever. It is simply a state of being that they automatically live in.

Since a person who has reached 5th dimension consciousness is automatically living in the present moment, they also do not have any reference to the future which means that they do not have any worries on their mind about the future neither. They simply live from moment to moment and from one event to the next event.

A person who has reached 5th dimension consciousness may also experience increased psychic and intuitive abilities. They may experience any of the following: Clairvoyance (seeing beyond the 3rd dimension/3D), Clairaudience (hearing beyond 3D), Clairsentience ( feeling beyond 3D), Clairgustance (tasting beyond 3D), Clairsalience (smelling beyond 3D), Clairempathy (feeling what others feel), Claircognizance (Information that a person had no prior knowledge of flows into their mind automatically from an unknown source.), Telepathy, Premonitions, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), Prophecy, split consciousness, Kinetic Energy (moving physical objects without touching them physically and without intending to move them), Psychokinesis (moving physical objects without physically touching them when intending to move them), Psychometry (touching an object and being able to feel the energy that has been absorbed by the object), and other psychic phenomena.

A person who has reached 5th dimension consciousness may also shift from a state of mind based on belief to a state of mind based on intuitive knowing. Intuitive knowing goes beyond one’s belief system. It is an inner knowing.

Similarly, one may also automatically know whether information is true or false based on how the energy of the information resonates, as everything in existence is simply energy. There is nothing in existence that is not energy. Even our thoughts are energy.

Manifestation is also much easier when a person reaches 5th dimension consciousness. No meditations, visualizations, rituals, putting a lot of energy into statements of intent, nor any focus on nor knowledge of the Law of Attraction is required neither. Just a simple, light thought about what is desired is enough to manifest it into physical reality, and in a lot of situations, no thought about their desires is even required, as everything is simply synchronized so that what they need is there for them exactly when and where they need it.

This is indeed a very interesting time in which to be alive on the Earth. We are headed to a state of existence that is free from the dissonance and the restrictions of the 3rd dimension, and it is a wonderful and beautiful state of existence to live in.





About The Author:

Trish LeSage is a best selling author on Amazon and is a writer of magazine articles on Metaphysics, self-empowerment, spiritual awakening, ascension, and body-mind-spirit topics. She is the author of four books: “Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates and Beyond“, “Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, and Business Via Numerology “, and “How To Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness“. More information about her work is available on her website at


ROMEO BARON: “Energy Update – Completion of the Ascension Portals”


by Romeo Baron

The Equinox (entry vortex) will commence on the 22nd September, 2016. This will create a frequency jump further through the 4D gateway portal that will cause more high vibrational interstellar energies of the original Christ light consciousness to permeate the etheric and physical structures of mother Earth.

The anchoring of these higher ascension energies will further raise our personal vibrations and our energetic fields, and that of mother Earth as well for the complete shift into the new Earth reality. This will enable us to fully open and access newer energies and shift the etheric structures of our physical bodies, which will help to re-balance and accelerate not only mother Earth and her healing and activation process, but our own.

This alignment will be particularly crucial, as our entire solar system spirals out to pass through long distances of cosmic clouds within the space-time continuum to go around the Great Central Sun.

In two months from now the opening the Ascension Portals will be completed and this will allow the original Christ light consciousness to REMOVE anything that is not in harmonic alignment with the original divine plan for mother Earth. The negative rulers of our planet can only do their dirty work here until then, before the Divine Plan makes life impossible for them to even exist.

The powerful opening of the Ascension Portals will transform the planet and all life into higher vibratory states bringing us closer and closer to the Cosmic Bodies of Light which we truly are. With the opening of these Portals, it completes mother Earth’s Multi-Dimensional template activation and that of our own.

The complete opening of these Ascension Portals will allow all Star-ship fleets of the Alliance to travel through mother Earth. These Star-ships from the entire Cosmos will be able to travel Inter-Dimensionally here through the Star Gates as our planet will once again be a HUB for the harmonic Universe.

We will become a new humanity and once again the Guardians of the Universe who are the most loving, benevolent beings who reflect the Christ light consciousness of the absolute Divine.

So be it.

Within Harmony, Divine Love, and Oneness.