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THE REALITY OF US ‘ELECTIONS’ ~ Caitlin Johnstone on “The Rigged, Unplugged Voting Game That Leads To Nowhere”

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“In reality, the US political system is like the unplugged video game remote that kids give their baby brother so he stops whining that he wants a turn to play. The problem is not that the system is rigged against the people, the problem is that the system is rigged against the people and the people do not know it. If they were aware just how badly their interests were being actively sabotaged by the loose alliance of government agency leaders and the plutocrats who own the political/media class, they would immediately use the power of their numbers to force real change. But they don’t. Because the political/media class who are paid to protect the status quo upon which their employers have built their respective kingdoms keep assuring that this is all normal and fine. The more people wake up to the reality that everything they’ve been told about their nation…

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ISRAEL HACKING & HIJACKING? ~ Reality Engaged with Angelo John Gage: “Cyber Treason with Whitney Webb”

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Today we are joined by writer and researcher Whitney Webb to discuss the cyber treason that is going on in our own big tech industries; specifically focusing on the company Cybereason and what their role is in all this, along other special interests undermining our country.

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TULSI GABBARD: “We Cannot Be Bought”

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“This campaign cannot be bought — by special interests, the D.C. establishment elite, the corrupt military industrial complex and those who profit from it. Right now Senator Bernie Sanders and I are the ONLY candidates not being funded by either Super PACS or enormous personal wealth. That makes me proud… you make me proud. I cannot do this without you. The consequences of taking on the establishment elite and the powerful institutions they serve are steep — media blackouts, smear campaigns, an uphill battle to be heard — but you know and I know that it’s worth it in the end.”

~Tulsi Gabbard


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ADAM GREEN (Know More News): “Operation BLACKOUT: Israel Hacking America 2020 Election”