ADAM GREEN (Know More News): “Trump’s Rabbi-Doctor Coronavirus ‘Miracle Cure'”

DAVID ICKE: “Everything Has Been Planned! It Is Controlled by the Top of the Pyramid!”

DAVID ICKE: “This World Is Controlled By A Cult” (Part 2): “They Tell People What They Want To Believe” — David Icke Predicts What’s To Come

HENRY MAKOW: “Pandemic Masks Communist Power GRAB”

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“Cabalist Judaism is a Satanic cult that exercises tyrannical control over its members. It is the template for the totalitarian NWO. The Rothschild cartel consists of Cabalist Jews and Cabalist Freemasons who seek to enslave us. They turn reality upside down. Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Justice, are all inverted. Satan replaces God at the apex. The Coronavirus panic was contrived by the media and fanned by politicians. Why should we trust these people? They covered up the murder of 3000 Americans on 9-11 (I’m including Trump here). They have run regular mass shootings and false flags: Sandy Hook, Parkland, Las Vegas, Aurora CO. Remember the 2014 ‘terrorist’ attack on Parliament in Ottawa? The government and media were complicit. Yet we still trust these people? They lied about JFK’s assassination; Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction and Al Assad gassing his people. Why do we believe anything they say? Our whole political and cultural edifice is rotten…

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DAVID ICKE: “Sabbatian Sabotage”

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Ascension Avatar note: Thisis basically about the same Satanic supremacist cult that Trump, Kushner, Putin, Netanyahu, many in the Chinese government and other world leaders belong to… it’s the U.S. Government “Deep State”, literally… and the NAA Anti-Christ Kabbalist movement Lisa Renee has been telling us about for years… perhaps a little more often lately for obvious reasons… It’s wake-up time now for sleepyheads…

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