DEADLY ‘TRUMP VIRUS’ ~ State of the Nation: “Corona Crash 2020 — The REAL Conspiracy Behind the New World Order Takeover Plot”

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It cannot be overlooked that Deep State and the Left have already memed the coronavirus, as it predictably spreads throughout the 50 states, the ‘Trump Virus’. This extremely negative association has been drawn with much purpose by the globalists. It’s entirely true for anyone who has lived through a natural disaster or environmental catastrophe on Trump’s watch that he is intentionally clueless. Whether folks experienced firsthand the devastating California firestorms, lived through the apocalyptic Hurricane Michael in North Florida, or braved the desolating hurricanes that have lashed Puerto Rico, the Trump administration has proven to be the absolute worst in U.S. history. Criminal negligence and criminally negligent homicide would be a gross understatement for what the Trump White House is guilty of — and that’s coming from many on the Right, not the Left. Not only is Trump completely out of his depth, so is his task force of obvious…

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