‘CHUCK’ THIS CHILD’S PLAY ~ Caitlin Johnstone on The President Who Just Started a War Who Does Not Seek War

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“President Trump has been steadfastly assuring the world that the United States government does not wish to start the war it has already started by assassinating Iran’s top general. What that war will end up looking like is anyone’s guess right now, but there is no question that a war has been initiated. If any nation had assassinated a top U.S. general via airstrike and then openly admitted to it, the U.S. would immediately be at war with that nation. Without question. An extreme military retaliation would be in the works within minutes of the announcement, and the entire political/media class would fully support that retaliation in whatever form it took. This may come as a surprise to some Americans, but that same principle holds true for other nations as well. And, I mean, of course. Trump administration officials are claiming without any evidence at all that Soleimani was plotting…

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