CAMERON DAY (Ascension Help): “Self-Clearing System Level 1, Step 2: The Cosmic Flush”

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The Cosmic Flush

Self-Clearing System Level 1, Step 2

Experience infinite energy right now

The cosmic flush is a simple, yet powerful technique. It can be very beneficial to practice to the point where you can engage it at a moment’s notice, as it can be very calming when addressing any type of challenge, either internal or external.

If you would like to hear this process instead of reading it, click on the youtube player below. When listening to the audio, you should be in a safe, relaxed space where you can close your eyes and be undisturbed for 10 minutes.*

* (If you would like to download an mp3 version of this audio, right click this link and choose the “save” option in the menu.)

Click on play above to hear this process and see inspiring artistic visual aids.

You can click here for a printable version of this…

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